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10 things to know when travelling to Bali

Here is a quick to read guide full of important and useful tips to make your stay in Bali an enjoyable one. So read on to discover the 10 things you need to know about Bali. 1- Visas and getting … Read More

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5 Great Places to Catch a Sunset

While you are visiting Bali, then you really should try to take in a sunset or two. There are several locations that you will want to include in your travel itinerary. Read on to discover the five great places to … Read More

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The Best Of Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is the largest of the Nusa Islands yet it is the least visited with most tourists going to the more popular Nusa Lembongan. Should you choose to go that little bit further and visit Nusa Penida you will … Read More

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5 Best Places to Dive for Beginners

On the Gili Islands there are some wonderful spots for all classes of diver. The warm clear water makes it an ideal destination throughout the year. Read on to discover the best dive spots for beginners in and around the … Read More

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5 Things To Do In Seminyak

Seminyak has become one of the most popular places for art lovers after Ubud and has an impressive collection of galleries. You also have some wonderful beaches and a famous temple, so here are five things you can do in … Read More

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5 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Cafes in Bali

If you are vegetarian or vegan you have probably faced the problem of not being able to find a suitable restaurant or even a dish on the menu when traveling. Well here is the answer (at least in Bali), the … Read More

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Best Places for Yoga Practice in Bali

Bali has quickly become one of the world’s best locations for health and well being and while promoting the positives of a healthy body and mind yoga is no exception. The community surrounding yoga has grown rapidly and now offers … Read More

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5 Great Surf Spots For Beginners In Bali

In Bali there are several famous surfing spots but they may be a little intimidating for beginners as you get continually wiped out while trying to get your balance on the board, so to help you get your confidence and … Read More

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7 Things to do in Gili “T”

Gili T or Trawangan is the busier of the three Gili Islands in that it attracts the most visitors to this tropical paradise in Indonesia, just 30 minutes boat ride from Lombok and within easy reach of Bali by a … Read More

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Cafe Canggu

5 Best Cafes in Canggu

Canggu is said by many to be the trendiest area in Bali and one of the qualities in making Canggu so popular is its selection of wonderful cafes and coffee shops, here are five of the best cafes in Canggu … Read More

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