10 things to know when travelling to Bali

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Here is a quick to read guide full of important and useful tips to make your stay in Bali an enjoyable one. So read on to discover the 10 things you need to know about Bali.

1- Visas and getting to Bali

The main airport for Bali is the Ngurah Rai International Airport with flights from across Asia, Australia and a few European destinations. Nationals of 169 countries can visit Bali on a free 30 day visa on arrival while visitors from other countries must pay $35US.

2- When to go

The weather in Bali can be best described as the wet season that runs from November until the next February or the dry season from March until October. The best time to visit is during the dry season from March until October although from July through to September it is the high season with higher prices and it gets crowded with beautiful weather and not too humid.

3- Driving and Getting around

First an important point to remember in Indonesia they drive on the left. To rent a car or motorcycle you will need an international driver’s license and by law you should wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. You can hire a motorcycle for about $6US per day.

4- Taxis

When using taxis I would recommend when possible using Bluebird taxis as they always use the meter, other taxis will try to overcharge you and bartering over the price before you begin your journey is recommended. If you are unsure ask your hotel staff for assistance.

5- Currency

In Bali, the local currency is the IDR with 1US$ equaling 14,000 IDR. You should beware of money exchanging scams and always carefully check your change. You can use your international bank cards at ATM machines but the exchange rates are very high.

6- Staying connected

Sim cards are readily available at most kiosks and convenience stores and you should check it is compatible with your phone and the internet works before purchasing. The electricity in Bali is 220v 50Hz and uses two pronged plugs similar to the Europlug.

7- Ettiquette at Temples etc

When visiting temples of other religious sites you must be respectful in the way you are dressed and cover your body with long trousers or a sarong and at least a t-shirt that covers the waist. The temples in Bali are generally free to visit although you may find you are being politely directed to the donations box. It is up to you if you leave a small donation. When gesturing always use your right hand and you should never make gestures with your left.

8- Water

Do not drink the tap water, use bottled water for drinking and only from a sealed bottle. You should also be wary of ice in your drinks although from western run bars and hotels it is usually safe.

9- Law

The laws in Indonesia are very strict and they have a zero policy regarding drugs with a death penalty that is enforced for serious drug offences.

10- Emergencies

Hopefully you will not need to use this but it is always a good idea to be prepared. 110 is the number for the police while should you need an ambulance their number is 118.


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