5 Best Places to Dive for Beginners

On the Gili Islands there are some wonderful spots for all classes of diver. The warm clear water makes it an ideal destination throughout the year. Read on to discover the best dive spots for beginners in and around the Gili Islands.

Shark Point

Shark Point to the east of Gili Trawangan has an abundance of sharks, white and black tip reef sharks can easily be spotted here as well as turtles, eels, sting rays and cuttlefish. It has a strong current with outstanding visibility at more than 20m. More experienced divers can also enjoy their time here with dives down to a depth of 40m. It is best to dive here in the morning and the site is easily accessible from the shore for good diving all year.

Halik Reef Dive Site

This dive site located to the north of Gili T is ideal for beginners with no or very little current with outstanding visibility greater than 20m and dives from depths of 10m down to 25m. There are beautiful soft and hard corals in addition to some interesting sea life for you to discover. This site is available all year round and is especially famous for the large numbers of turtles that frequent the site. Other fish you may see include parrotfish, rays, moray eels and reef sharks.

Sunset Reef Dive Site

Sunset Reef is a gentle slope descending down to a depth of 25m with little or no current making it ideal for beginners. The reef has an abundance of hard and soft coral with great visibility up to 20m. It is accessible from the beach and suitable for diving all year round. Diving here you are likely to see angel fish, butterfly fish, damselfish, grouper, parrotfish and snapper. You may also see the strangely named sweet lip.

Meno Wall Dive Site

Meno Wall has diving opportunities down to a depth of 25m for all levels of diver with a medium rated current and outstanding visibility over 20m. It is located to the west of Gili Meno and is the perfect location for underwater photography. There are large numbers of small fish to be found here as well as several turtles. It is easily reached from the shore and is accessible all year round. The types of fish you may encounter here include bannerfish, batfish, eagle rays, groupers, fusiliers and scorpion fish.

Simons Reef Dive Site

Simons Reef can be found to the north east of Gili Air with a medium current and excellent visibility in excess of 30m. This reef site is a little deeper than the others mentioned with a depth of 40m. There are some interesting features to be found including pinnacles and overhangs. You can dive this site all year round and view fish such as angel fish, triggerfish and tuna. You may even see a barracuda or two amongst the beautiful coral on this reef.

Manta Dive

When you go diving anywhere in the Gili Islands you should make sure you use the services of fully qualified diving instructors to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time. Manta Dive is one of the best. They are English owned and can be found at their dive shop on West Nusa Tenggara for all your diving requirements, boat tours and any water sports you need during your stay in the Gili Islands.

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