Best Beaches In Bali

Nusa Lembongan Beach

If you have ever even considered traveling to Bali, chances are that the amazing beaches are at least partly the reason for it. These beaches have such a draw that they have come world famous. Most people cannot get enough of the activities, local customs, and seaside bliss found at Bali. These are a few of the most amazing beaches that you have to see for yourself.



We will start with a first in Balinese tourism and a beach that is pretty far removed from the hectic lifestyle found in southern Bali. Lovina beach is located on the far north side of Bali and has vast stretches of black-sand beach. If you want to swim, the tranquil waters here are a perfect for it. Especially those who want to relax find that the friendly locals and laidback vibe make it easier to unwind.


Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach became an early popular destination when the resorts were being built on Bali, and it makes sense once you get here. This quiet coastal district is relatively relaxing and has long, winding paths and fine volcanic sand on its beaches. If you want a perfect place to ride your bike and enjoy some of the scenery, Sanur is it.


Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran is far more than ‘just a beach’ and can be found on the southern tip of the Bali peninsula. You are going to find some of the more upscale resorts in Bali here, and the picturesque beach that overlooks Jimbaran Bay is certainly a large reason for that. When we compare Jimbaran beach to some of the more secluded beaches on Bali it is certainly a bit livelier. This is a great place to watch the sunsets over the bay while dining on a seafood dinner.


Padang Padang

Famous for the calm turquoise waters that lap at its shore and the unique entrance, this unforgettable cave entrance to the beach is certainly going to be something that you will never forget. This is an unforgettable Bali beachside experience thanks to the surf-sized waves and silky white sands. Unlike many of the other options on the list, this is quite a popular destination.


Balangan Beach

Popular for travelers, surfers, and wedding photographers, Balangan offers one of the more secluded beaches on Bali. If you want to unwind on your own private space on the Bali beachfront and beat the crowds, Balangan is the perfect getaway.


Kuta Beach

Kuta is incredibly popular and certainly not one of the best-kept secrets in Bali, but that does not mean that Kuta is overrated in the slightest. Between the spectacular sunsets and famous white sands this is going to be a beach experience that you have to see for yourself. If you are already on Bali you should absolutely take a moment and watch the sun set on one of Southeast Asia’s most famous beaches.


Nusa Dua

This is not just a single beach, but more of a cluster of luxury resorts. These beaches are famous for their gentle waves and soft sands. If you want to lie back and relax, this is the perfect place to do so. Tourists around the world are welcome at this beautiful stretch of shoreline. If you come to Bali to unwind in an idyllic beachfront setting, this is your place.

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