Why Bali Was The Top Tourist Destination Of 2017


When Bali was picked at the best tourist destination in the TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards 2017, people began to wonder why. It beat long-time favourites such as Paris and London, but why are people drawn to this Indonesian gem? In a location filled with pure  untouched nature, colour, and exoticism, these are a few reasons why people from across the world fall in love with Bali every day.


Value for money

Even though it is considered a far away destination by most standards, Bali is an exceptionally affordable place to be. tantalising food and comfortable accommodation are reasonably priced every where you go. Even though the upscale resorts are what Bali is famous for, there are options for people on all budgets. For the most part you are going to find that Bali is an affordable destination.


Natural riches

Bali has more than amazing beaches, and plenty of other spectacular locations to feast your eyes on. The glorious sunsets and sunrises, expanses of emerald paddies, photogenic lakes and waterfalls, Bali is practically a photographer’s dream. What truly makes Bali amazing is that the location seems incredibly authentic, appearing to be almost untouched in many areas.


The weather

It almost feels like we should not mention it, but Bali is draws in people throughout the year because of the 12 to 13 hours of sunshine every day. This means that you have plenty of time to spend outdoors, whether you want to lounge and sightsee or go backpacking. The rains come out between October and April, but warmth is a guarantee in Bali.


The Balinese

A location is one thing, but at the heart of its intrinsic charm lie the people of the island. Balinese hospitality is truly the heart and soul of the island. The locals are both inspiring and spiritual and go out of their way to be friendly and helpful. Their lives are given colour by the daily festivities and rituals and you will be truly amazed by how easy it is to get to know the people here.


The temples

There is an amazing number of temples in Bali, from different locations, sizes, and shapes that you are going to want to tick off your list to see. They have become synonymous with some of the most scenic backdrops and have become the most recognised landmarks in Bali. Even though they might be centuries old, they come to life with seasonal festivities, lively processions, ornate decorations, and daily flower offerings.


The accommodations

Regardless of what type of accommodation you want or what you budget allows, Bali has one available for you. There are guesthouses, lodges, resorts, hotels and more. From bamboo houses that overlook the

edge of a cliff to pampering resort, you can get creative when it comes to finding a place to stay on Bali.


Bali has so much more than amazing resorts, delicious cuisine, local flair, immaculate beaches and perfect weather. There is sheer and utter magic in Bali, and you owe it to yourself to find out why so many agree that this is the most spectacular place in the world. You will find that the beauty of Bali extends beyond the list we provided here.

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