Top 7 Reasons To Visit Bali

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There more than 17,000 islands across Indonesia, and yet Bali is the brightest one when it comes to tourism. While there are countless other tropical destinations available, this island still draws in millions of people every year. If you truly have no idea why, we have a list of 7 reasons why you should visit Bali.


#1 – The people

It sounds almost cliché, but anyone who has travelled to Bali will tell you that the Balinese are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Locals are going to be more than interested in having a conversation with just about anyone, and that includes visitors to their island. Tourists have felt at home on Bali for decades thanks to the genuine warmth and friendliness of the Balinese.


#2 – The perfect beaches

This tropical paradise is home to a seemingly unending list of stunning beaches. What makes the beaches even more special is the fact that they all have their own charm. From extreme water sports and diving to soft white sand and limestone cliffs. Whether you want hidden, remote beaches of the mainstream beaches, there is something for everyone – regardless of what you are looking for.


#3 – The weather

There is ample daylight and a great tropical climate that make Bali a great option for those who love to lounge on the beach. Especially if you think that sand, surf, and sun are the most important factors in a great vacation. On average you can enjoy the sun between 12-13 hours every day in Bali.


#4 – Amazing food

Between the interesting traditional recipes and rich and fertile soil, there is a reason that Bali has a distinctive cuisine. Whether you want to experience fine dining or just want to settle on some street food, you can enjoy Bali’s traditional meals any way that you want. And if you want something a bit more traditional you can always option for the international options such as Chinese, French, Greek, Mexican, and American cuisine.


#5 – The adventure never stops

Regardless of what you are into, there is always an activity for you on Bali. You can start to learn how to ride the waves or head to the more popular surfing spots if you already know how to surf. Regardless of what type of activity you are into, Bali has it.


#6 – The temples

The Balinese are spiritual people, meaning that it is home to countless temple complexes. Because of the number of interested tourists, the temple tours offered here are very popular. Not only because of the religious experience, but also because of the aesthetic beauty and cultural insights. Not only are these temples silent witnesses of a spectacular past, but they are still functional with regular festive anniversaries and colourful celebrations


#7 – The culture

Even though Bali is breathtakingly gorgeous, the beauty of Bali goes beyond the outer layer. The island is home to many different traditional cultural traditions, many of which are still practiced today. There are many celebrations and ceremonies to the Balinese throughout the year, many of which you can enjoy as a tourist. The architecture, dance, and music are all certainly worth a look.

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