5 Facts about the Komodo Islands

1. The best place to learn about Komodo dragons

Komodo dragons live in a dry, hot and temperate climate and these islands are ideal as their natural habitat and a place geared for protecting what remains of this species. A visit here can greatly increase you knowledge about these creatures by learning about their daily lives including what is included in their diet, what animals they prey on and having no natural predators. The guides or rangers are always willing to take you on a tour of the island in your quest to discover these majestic animals in their natural habitat.

2. The beautiful scenery

The natural scenery of Komodo Island is mind blowing and exploring the island is the only way to fully appreciate this experience. If Komodo Island does not contain enough natural beauty then you could try island hopping to some of the dozens of neighbouring islands for activities such as hiking. If the beautiful scenery above the water level is not enough then you could try discovering what there is to be seen below the surface with activities such as scuba diving or snorkelling. Other activities on the water include boat tours of the island or even trips on a speed boat should you need an adrenalin rush.

3. Easier access and improved accommodation

In recent years the government has noted the increased level of tourism onto the island and transportation links have improved with better, more reliable ferries and boats taking people onto the islands in addition to more affordable prices and flexible sailing schedules. Another improvement has been in the level and quantity of accommodation available with resort hotels, hotels, restaurants, boat rentals and several other services required to satisfy the needs of visitors to the islands. Many of the resort hotels now in operation have a theme, provide additional entertainment in their complexes to provide a complete holiday experience for all types and ages of people.

4. Some of the world’s best diving and snorkelling is available here

Komodo Island and its surrounding waters offer some of the world’s best opportunities for diving and snorkelling. Some of these eye-opening underwater locations are visited by international divers for the underwater adventure on offer here. Some of the more favoured dive spots include the hidden gems of places like Nusa Tenggara, Batu Bolong, the End of the World and GPS Point.

5. The different climate, culture and atmosphere of somewhere far from home

Komodo Island is an ideal honeymoon destination with several activities ideal for couples to enjoy together. For other visitors the opportunity to visit somewhere so far from their home and experience such a different culture is a fascinating attraction in itself. The enjoyment expressed in visiting a tropical country and experiencing this very different lifestyle is a new and exhilarating experience. Across Indonesia there are several regions that are very different from each other with characteristics in one region not seen in another this leads on to culture and the many different aspects of taking a holiday in a location so very different from the culture seen in out day to day lives.

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